At Walden, Wisdom Comes From Wonder

Curiosity Starts Here

In our Pre-K to 6th grade classrooms, learning is grounded in inquiry, experience, and collaboration. Our progressive program balances academics with social-emotional skills, cultivating creative and critical thinkers who use their voice as compassionate change makers in our diverse world.

Encouraging the spirit of Renaissance learning

Classes in art, dance, library, music, P.E., science & technology, Spanish, and storytelling are an integral part of the Walden experience from Pre-K through 6th grade. Taught by our specialist faculty, these classes provide creative inspiration to every learner and support our students in becoming well-rounded citizens who understand the world through multiple perspectives.

Teaching that we all have stewardship for the world in which we live

Our place-based approach to learning includes outdoor education, field trips, and service learning. Students gain a deep understanding of the needs and resources of the environment and communities around them, and learn how to make a positive impact.

Nurturing a child's natural wonder

Children are naturally driven to explore the world around them and figure things out. When this curiosity is encouraged, their mind is actively engaged, making observations, analyzing options, finding connections—in other words, learning. Our curriculum views wonder as the foundation for growth and progress.

Promoting child-led inquiry

At Walden, children have a voice and a choice. Child-led inquiry is the tool that encourages students to take ownership for their learning. Beginning with questions that spark critical thinking,  students' inquiry and reflection lie at the heart of our educational experience.

Valuing and respecting diversity

Rooted in a deep commitment to social justice, equity, and inclusion, we guide students to understand their multiple identities, notice and celebrate the diversity in their community, recognize and name injustice, and take action to create a more equitable world.

Fostering Creativity in Problem Solving

We view problems as opportunities to improve and develop a growth mindset. Our teachers model the importance of approaching a challenge with empathy and an open mind. We encourage students to find fresh perspectives, stretch their ideas, and come up with practical solutions.


Walden Gala

Our community recently came together at the annual Parent Guild Gala to celebrate Walden and the powerful role it plays in inspiring and empowering our children and igniting their sense of creativity, understanding, and stewardship of the world.

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Voices of Walden

Walden is a community built on understanding, respect for others, and a shared love of learning. Like the larger Pasadena community, we embody a diverse range of backgrounds, interests, beliefs, and family structures. We thrive on the unique ideas and perspectives each person brings to the school. These are some of our stories.