Board of Trustees

Walden School is incorporated under the laws of the State of California and is a non-profit corporation. As such, it is governed by a Board of Trustees and administered through the Head of School.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the overall welfare of the school. Board members serve as stewards for the school’s mission and philosophy. Within that responsibility the Board’s primary function is to set broad policies consistent with the school’s philosophy and to assure the fiscal stability necessary to maintain an educational environment which facilitates excellence in the realization of the school’s philosophical and curricular goals. The Board is comprised of parents, teachers, community members, and the Head of School.

Board Committees

Executive Committee
The executive committee coordinates with the Head of School and provides support to the Head of School between Board meetings.

Finance Committee
The finance committee, in concert with staff, develops the school’s financial plan and annual budget (including setting tuition levels) and presents them to the Board for approval. Throughout the year, the finance committee monitors the budget and reports to the Board on the school’s financial status. Additionally, the finance committee oversees the audits of the financial statements and the school’s investments.

Development Committee
The development committee, in concert with staff, implements the advancement plan, advises the Board on the status of the annual giving and capital campaign (if any), and facilitates the involvement of all trustees with fundraising.

Committee on Trustees
The committee on trustees identifies, recruits, and on-boards new trustees for the Board.

Diversity, Belonging, and Justice Committee
The diversity, belonging, and justice committee ensures the Board has policies and procedures in place to promote the principles of equity and justice, and increased diversity in student enrollment, faculty, administration, and Board composition. This committee helps cultivate an appreciation for the broad ethnic, cultural, racial, and religious diversity at Walden.

Facilities Committee
The facilities committee is responsible for the physical upkeep of the school. This committee helps ensure that Walden has facilities that meet the needs of current and future students. This work includes master development planning, renovations, annual upkeep, and safety and risk management.

Admissions and Marketing Committee
The admissions and marketing committee provides oversight and board-level leadership in setting admissions goals, reviewing those goals and measuring progress towards reaching those goals.

Board of Trustees 2023-2024

Executive Committee
Terra Toscano, Head of School
Inga Kleinrichert, Board President
Robert Dilanchian, Development Committee Chair
Liza Kerrigan, Facilities Committee Chair
Avi Okon, Admissions and Marketing Committee Chair, Board Secretary
Neil Shah, Vice President, Finance Committee Chair, Treasurer
Daria Yudacufski, Trustees Committee Chair

Kate Beyda, Community Trustee
Jay Bhimani, Parent Trustee
Cady Burkhart, Parent Trustee
Wes Chien, Parent Trustee
Zack Domb, Parent Trustee
Meredith McDaniel, Parent Trustee
Ella Moran, Faculty Trustee
Jaime Moy, Parent Trustee
Grace Park Cubas, Faculty Trustee
Rachel Pinto, Community Trustee
Jay Smith, Parent Trustee
Donovan Steutel, Parent Trustee
Neal Wrightson, Community Trustee