Covid-19 Protocols and Procedures

At Walden, we will remain vigilant, responsive, and adaptable as we navigate the subsequent phases of the COVID-19 pandemic. As we move into the 2022-2023 school year, we will continue prioritizing family-based choice and continuity. 

We want all students to continue reaching their full potential in their social-emotional development and academic learning. In addition, we want our families to return to volunteer in classrooms, build community in person, and celebrate student work on campus. We have also learned that our virtual events benefit information sharing and knowledge-building. All of these activities will continue in the 2022-2023 school year.

We recognize that COVID-19 is not going away, and Walden’s intentional approach has stood the test since March 2020. We continue to educate ourselves on the best Covid prevention practices and work closely with the Pasadena Public Health Department. We can and will successfully achieve our commitment to a safe campus environment so that students can learn, and teachers can teach. We will continue to do this with parent support, so please review the guidelines below and thank you for your continued flexibility.


  • Keep students safe on campus
  • Optimize the school experience for students, faculty, and staff
  • Build community on campus and through social gatherings
  • Educate students and families about ongoing transitions in our COVID guidelines


How to reach the Pandemic Coordinator

For time-sensitive questions or notifications outside of school hours, please text Nellie Yoshimura, Pandemic Coordinator, at 626-658-7928 and she will get back to you via text or call. Nellie can also be reached over email at

Covid-19 protocols for students who test positive or are identified as a "close contact"

Walden will need full community support to avoid COVID transmission and clustering of COVID cases on campus.

  • Inform the Pandemic Coordinator promptly if a student, faculty, or staff member tests positive so we can partner with you on a health plan.
  • If a non-Walden community member tests positive at home, we require Walden students from that household to wear a face covering (indoors and outdoors) at school and to participate in our Test-to-Stay Program. Please be in touch promptly if this is the situation in your family.
  • Faculty and staff: Walden will continue notifying appropriate employees of positive COVID cases.
  • Families: Walden will continue to notify classrooms of positive COVID exposure through December 31, after which we will determine whether or not to discontinue this plan. 
  • Walden will continue to monitor the health of our community closely and follow updated county and state requirements regarding COVID cases and exposure.
  • Educational response: Flexible support for students when quarantine is required to stay engaged in schoolwork if feeling well enough and not a burden to families.



Campus Protocols


Walden will continue family-based choices and prioritize continuity.



Campus Health and Safety Measures


We have instituted enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols, including daily  cleaning, increased cleaning supplies, and additional hand washing and hand sanitizing stations.






It Takes A Village


All members of the Walden community have a shared responsibility to create a safe experience for our children. The implementation of several coordinated interventions can greatly reduce the risk of SARS-CoV-2 transmission. We ask students and families in collaboration with Walden’s faculty and staff to comply with the following expectations:





Additional Covid Resources for Parents and Caregivers

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