Diversity, Equity, Belonging, and Justice

Like the larger Pasadena community, we embody a diverse range of backgrounds, interests, beliefs, and family structures. Walden is committed to the continuous work of diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice within our community of learners: students, teachers, and families. 

Students learn to explore and speak about their own multiple identities and recognize the similarities and differences between themselves and their classmates. They learn to understand the destructive nature of stereotypes and practice what it means to advocate for self and others. Students discover that injustice can express itself on interpersonal as well as systemic levels, and they become versed in recognizing both in their studies of the world around them and the history of our nation. We center stories of peoples throughout history who have worked for social justice and encourage students to practice taking action themselves through projects and service learning.  

Our teaching faculty, which comprises 50% people of color, participates in yearly diversity, equity, and inclusion trainings to continue growth in their own lives and collective work.  

Parents and guardians participate in parent education events, Walden Equity and GOLD (Group on Learning Diversity) groups, and affinity groups to engage in our school-wide commitment to creating a more equitable world.