Specialty Core Teachers

Our program is dedicated to broadening each child’s learning experience through authentic exposure by offering a variety of specialty classes at each grade level. These classes include Art, Dance, Library, Music, P.E., Science & Technology, Spanish, and Storytelling.

Rooted in a commitment to Renaissance learning, specialty classes provide an opportunity for depth in content and for relationships with our experienced specialist faculty. We believe a student’s insight into their own personhood is enhanced through this education — as are language acquisition, cognitive development, critical thinking ability, and social skills.

A Specialty Teacher serves as a role model in their field of expertise, embodying what it means for students to live their passion. Capitalizing on the unique opportunity to engage with students throughout their entire developmental trajectory at Walden, specialty classrooms offer a safe exploration of the various disciplines, resulting in an integrated and sequenced program specifically designed to meet the needs of students from Pre-K to 6th grade.

Over time, specialty classes often become a home or “hub” for Walden students. This continuity of content and relationship nurtures creativity and risk-taking, and allows students to gain a sense of their place in the world and what they offer to it.

Specialty Teachers