Upper Core Teachers

The Upper Core is comprised of the Fourth through Sixth Grades.

Upper Core students (also known as Ponderers) participate in a workshop approach to teaching and are provided the opportunity to dissect or master a subject, re-invent and play with the elements that make it up, as well as struggle to produce something they can understand and connect with.

Goals and intentions for students are collaborative between students, parents, and teachers. Students keep learning portfolios and use meta-cognitive practice and reflective learning to deepen their understanding.

Upper Core Lead Teachers

Danica Hamilton: 6th Grade Lead Teacher

Sydni Myrick-Causey: 4/5 Lead Teacher

As a teacher, I facilitate learning and guide students through their educational journey. Providing them with strategies and giving them access to discovering information themselves, leads them to be independent, critical thinkers, and become their own problem solvers.

Students learn best when they experience hands-on what they are learning and are active participants in their learning. They need to go out and experience things to acquire a better sense of knowledge about it; and it is through exposure that their understanding will deepen.

Each year that I teach I am continually learning, reflecting, and improving on past experiences. Not only am I learning from my own experiences but also from trainings, colleagues, schooling, the community, and especially from my own students.

Teaching is a lifelong learning process, and therefore I plan on remaining current in my field and bringing research-based practices forward and putting them in use in my classroom for the benefit of my students.

Grace Park Cubas: 4/5 Lead Teacher

In my teaching, I begin with the understanding that my students and families all come with their own strengths, struggles, and stories and that each child possesses a unique set of interests, talents, and skills to be valued. Because of this, I am intentional about building and strengthening the community of our classroom, as I believe in the power and peace that come with taking the time to understand one another.

The mutual respect that is developed helps to create an environment in which students can thrive. In a supportive and consistent yet stimulating environment, students feel safe to explore and express their ideas but also are challenged to consider multiple perspectives, to think critically, and to act with purpose. We value the collaborative nature of our class, as we share ideas, strategies, and feedback with each other.

Students also grow to be more independent and responsible for their learning, words, and actions, and we encourage the development of perseverance and grit with the idea that "failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts."

In my life both in and out of the classroom, I aim to be a model of integrity and compassion for my students as I support their learning and their dreams and work with them toward their success as excellent, ethical, and empowered young people. It is a tall order.

Upper Core Associate Teachers

Jordan Frazier: 6th Grade Associate Teacher

I believe strongly in idea that learning takes many shapes and forms. We all have our own stories and paths that have led us together into the same community. So much of growth and learning happens when real connections between people are created and when we have a safe environment for questioning and wonder. I challenge myself and my students to approach every day with a mind ready to grow and ask why.