Carolyn Hancock


I have worked in the Walden library for 20 years, reading to children and helping them find great books and pertinent information. It all began when a position opened to automate the school’s library catalog, so with a computer science degree from UC Santa Barbara, experience as a software engineer, and a fresh master’s degree in education from Cal State Los Angeles, I stepped right in. I have since spent the last 2 decades making it my work to invite our students to discover the joy of stories and to help them build the research skills they need to follow their curiosity to reach for the stars and discover new worlds.

It is my great pleasure to share high quality material on a wide range of topics with students on a daily basis. I structure the classes to include time for students to pursue their own literary and research interests and to interact with one another, allowing them to build ability and confidence as they share recommendations and navigate the collection together. Their excitement and passion fill my heart and spur me on to find the best resources for them that I can. I have seen the collection grow from 900 volumes in tiny quarters in the staff lounge to the present dedicated library space with over 9,000 items. The hardest part of my job is limiting my selections to those resources that fit into the constraints of time, space and budget. But it is wonderful work indeed. I strive to develop a nimble library that balances developmentally appropriate practices, the Walden mission, and 21stcentury resources.