Sydni Myrick-Causey

4/5 Lead Teacher

My Education and Teaching/Professional Background

B. A. University of La Verne, Liberal Studies, with an emphasis in Child Development. M. A. in Education, with an emphasis in Curriculum Development. I taught in public school for 3 years, 13th year at Walden. Taught 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades.

Year I Started at Walden


I am a Progressive Educator Because ...

... education is more than teaching the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic. As educators, we have an incredible opportunity to empower and develop children THROUGH education. That means involving and engaging students in solving real-world problems, discussing issues in the community and in the world, and growing a child's social and emotional self with intention.

What I Love About Walden

I love that the education and curriculum continues to grow and evolve at Walden.

My Favorite Walden Tradition

My favorite Walden tradition is the Ponderers' Camping trip that takes place in the fall of each year.

Best Teaching Moment

During my very first year at Walden (after 2 years in the public system), I basked in the openness of the curriculum and the freedom allotted to teachers to facilitate meaningful dialogue about the events in the world. This led my class of 5th graders to conduct research and learn more about the democratic process. We researched the 2008 presidential nominees - their policies, their past, and their plans for the US. I was inspired students' engagement, their ownership, and eagerness and overall participation in the learning process.

Professional Development

Most recently, I attended the People of Color in Independent Schools Conference and the People of Color in Independent Schools Conference.

My Joy

I am passionate about my kids and my family.

Fun Fact About Me

I LOVE sports, especially basketball, and after my college basketball career ended, I played in Italy for two weeks with an American travel team!