Tina Riddle

Preschool Director and Pre-K Lead Teacher

My Education and Teaching/Professional Background

BA in Early Childhood Education, MA in Early Childhood Development. Plus 40 years of experience in the field of Early Childhood Education and Development.

Year I Started at Walden


I am a Progressive Educator Because ...

... progressive education is built on mindful teaching, respect for the social and emotional life of the child, and the understanding that true knowledge is based in wonder, experience, and reflection. As a progressive educator, I strive to instill a love of learning, the skills and experiences needed to engage in investigation, and the ability for children to be persistent, self-regulated, and advocate for themselves and others. The environment of my progressive classroom is designed to invite discovery, problem solving, independence, and collaboration. With a belief in the importance of the process, rather than a prescribed product, the exploration of learning topics in project-based work emerges from the interests of the students.

What I Love About Walden

From the moment I stepped onto campus, I was struck by Walden’s deep respect for children as authentic, powerful individuals; each child is viewed as a competent, imaginative, and curious self-learner. Walden’s belief that a strong, consistent, and healthy bond between teacher and child is a necessary foundation for healthy growth, learning, and development, particularly resonates with me as an educator.

My Favorite Walden Tradition

Buddy Class and Sixth Grade Mentors develop deep relationships that are seeded in mutual respect and care. These connections are the foundation of our community.

Fun Fact About Me

I love going to concerts. There’s a certain feeling you get before, during, and after a concert. Besides enjoying the music, for me, concerts are a bonding experience. No matter where you come from, once you walk through those venue doors, everyone surrounding you is there for the same reason. The moment the lights dim and the audience hushes, is a moment of collective anticipation; you just can’t get that same feeling many other places. And . . . there is nothing like experiencing live music!