Trina Townes

Pre-K Associate Teacher

Walden is my home. When I started at Walden in September 1987, I had no idea what I was in for. How was I to know that this would be the place life would take me? I began working in the Village, finished high school, attended PCC, and later, UCLA Extension. I soon knew that working with children was my passion.

I have assisted in every grade and learned so much from the amazing teachers with whom I have had the pleasure to share a classroom. My six children have all attended Walden, and I enjoy remembering and sharing why they loved it, too! Throughout the years, I have worn many hats and taught many children some of my outside interests like sign language, yoga, poetry, mindfulness, cooking, and dance. I enjoy bringing the many different parts of myself to work to share with my students and friends. I believe that I make a difference here and will continue to learn and grow.