I am so glad you are here.

Since our founding in 1970, Walden’s approach to teaching children has been deeply rooted in a progressive tradition. As a Pre-K through 6th grade school, we apply our collective expertise and resources to focus on what we think is the most influential stage in the developmental process—childhood. Research tells us that as humans, we are wired to wonder, connect, and make meaning. These are the hallmarks of childhood, and we recognize that a good portion of childhood is spent in school. Walden students spend their days living and learning in a small and joyful community where they are known well.

A Walden education is based on balance. The balance of academic excellence and human insight helps children see the interrelatedness of all that they learn. Our almost fifty-year commitment to social-emotional learning informs the democratic and collaborative environment that allows children to discover their passions and learn to embrace the things they must work hard to accomplish.

We encourage our students to bring their own identities, experiences, backgrounds, talents, abilities, and interests to school each day, and believe this intentional diversity will define their lives today and when they graduate. Alongside our expert faculty, students learn academic skills to advocate for themselves and others, take healthy risks, seek new perspectives, challenge the status quo, and make progress. They learn that their life is something they create, and through stewardship, they can leave the world better than they found it.

For almost two decades, I have been present to the remarkable personal and educational journeys of Walden students. I couldn’t be prouder of our extraordinary alumni, who carry their unique voices and stories into the world as creative leaders on their middle school campuses and later as members of our global community.

I am grateful to be a part of this story and invite you to visit our campus to learn more about it.

Hope to see you soon,

Terra Toscano
Head of School