Earthquake Kits

Earthquakes up to 8.3 in magnitude are considered possible in the Los Angeles area. In the period immediately following a major earthquake or major disaster, cross-city and inter-city travel may be impossible due to a number of disaster-related circumstances (fires, damage to freeways, etc.).

Walden School must plan (and is ready) for the worst-case scenario and the possibility that some parents may not be able to reach the school to pick up their children for two or three days after the event. At Walden, we maintain stored supplies of water, food, and other items to help us during such an emergency. We ask that each family provide the following emergency pack for each of their children. We must have this pack on the first day of school.

Use a clear gallon ziplock-type bag only and include:

    • A small, single AA flashlight and two extra AA batteries, all placed in a separate small ziplock-type bag.
    • A folded, large, heavyweight trash or garbage bag to be used for rain protection.
    • Any medication (72 hours' worth) which your child takes on a daily basis, clearly labeled as to indications and dosage in an original container.
    • An extra pair of warm socks, a knit hat (no tassels or long “tails”), and a change of underwear.
    • A mylar space blanket (which can be purchased at most sporting goods stores).
    • A picture of your family and an encouraging note from you. (You may want to tell your child to try not to worry, to listen to teachers and staff, and to know you’ll be together as soon as possible.) You might also include a small memento.
This emergency pack must accompany your child on the first day of class. The pack will be returned on the last day of school to be “refreshed” for the following September.