September Calendar Review

Every school needs active participation in order to thrive. Throughout the school year, many important opportunities exist for your support and involvement.

We understand that September can seem overwhelming with all of the back-to-school activities. Below is a guide to Walden’s autumn events.

On the first day of Pre-Kindergarten, children and parents will arrive together to the Pre-K yard at or after 8:00 a.m. The Parent Guild sponsors a "Bagels & Chatter" in the Pre-K yard, so parents can more easily separate from their children.

Teachers will lead the children inside, so classes can begin at 8:30 a.m. If you are feeling anxious about your child's first day of school, please speak to Pre-K Director Tina Riddle for tips and advice for smoothing the transition. Tina, Kristin, and the entire Pre-K faculty will work with you and your child to make separation easy and enjoyable for your family.

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At Back-to-School Nights, the Head of School first welcomes parents in the Toby Hayward Community Room. Teachers, staff members, the Parent Guild Coordinators, and members of the Board of Trustees are introduced, and parents are then invited to visit their child's classroom to learn about the curriculum, field trips, birthday celebrations, and cultural festivities. Teachers will outline parent volunteer opportunities in the classroom and answer questions. These are adult-only events; child care will be provided.

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