Walden graduates place at the top independent schools in the area.
The 18 graduates of the Class of 2020 were accepted to eleven different
middle schools:


  • Barnhart: 8 students accepted
  • Chandler: 11 students accepted
  • Clairbourn: 3 students accepted
  • Flintridge Prep: 3 students accepted
  • Gooden: 4 students accepted
  • Harvard Westlake: 1 student accepted
  • High Point Academy: 6 students accepted
  • Mayfield Jr.: 2 students accepted
  • Sequoyah: 1 student accepted
  • Waverly: 3 students accepted
  • Westridge: 3 students accepted

We guide 6th grade students through the process of identifying and applying to middle schools. Specifically, we:

  • Host an Introduction to the Application Process in Spring of the 5th grade year.
  • Conduct optional ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam) preparatory classes each summer and after school in the fall.
  • Meet with families individually in September and October to help guide the application process.
  • Host an Alumni Series where Walden alumni from different schools come back to Walden and talk about their experiences and what they learned from the matriculation process.
  • Conduct mock interviews in November, December, and January with 6th grade students.
  • Write letters of recommendation for each student specific to the applicant schools.