Alumni Parent Association

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My name is Cheryl Rizzo Antos and my son, Joseph Antos, graduated from Walden as a 6th grader in 2019. Many years before I was a Mom, a friend shared that all of her current friends were other parents from her son's school. She said "yeah it's weird...I still have and love my old friends, but there is something special and unique about the friendships you make with other parents at your elementary school". At the time, I thought she was maybe a little too attached to her kid or something but after I was a Mom with a kid at Walden, I realized how right she was. I survived so much of those younger years because of the friends we made at Walden and to this day, we remain very close and still lean on each other through every new phase.  

The Walden Parent Alumni Association was created as a way for parents of alumni to stay connected to Walden and to each other.  Whether your child graduated in 2020 or long before, you can always come home to Walden. Your kids growing up at Walden means you, as parents, grew up at Walden too. We hope this association and its activities help you reconnect and stay in touch with the parents who grew with you and to also share your wisdom with current parents who are soon to walk the same path as the rest of us. We thank you for contributing to Walden's history, legacy and growth. It is our hope that you remain a part of Walden's future. I hope that you will join us!

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