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Hot Lunch FAQ's


What do you mean when you say the menus are served approximately every two weeks?

  • The Hot Lunch Committee offers 6 different hot lunch meals that alternate week by week: 2 on Mondays, 2 on Wednesdays, and 2 on Fridays.
  • Beginning Wednesday, October 9, the meals are served every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday that the school is in session for a full day (with the exception of Spring Sing day on April 1).
  • The last hot lunch meal of the year is served on Friday, May 29, 2020.
  • The calendar in the “Pond” section of the Walden website will list hot lunch dates each month and a comprehensive list of dates can be found at the Walden Online Store.
  • Please send a packed lunch with your child on any days you have not signed them up for a hot lunch meal.

Can I sign up for just one day of meals so that my child can try it out?

  • Unfortunately, no. The current system requires parents to subscribe to selected menus for the entire year. We have our tasting on Thursday, September 19 so hopefully your child will be able to figure out what they will like. There will be an add/change/delete window later in October.

Who can sign up for hot lunch?

  • All Walden students, faculty, and staff.

Does my child need to pack a snack on days that I’ve ordered hot lunch?

  • Yes. Hot lunch does NOT provide snacks or drinks so please provide both to your child.

How do I sign up my child and pay for hot lunch?

  • You can sign up at the Walden Online Store. When you sign up, you can choose to either pay in full with a credit card or have the cost applied to your Walden account.

What if my child wants to change, add, or delete an order?

  • There will be two buy-in periods. Open enrollment is September 19 through September 30. Then, there will be an add/delete/change window October 22 through October 30. Once these dates are completed, there will be no changes to individual accounts.

What if my child is absent on a hot lunch day or if there is a field trip during the day?

  • Due to administrative constraints, we cannot offer refunds on field trip days or if the child is absent from school. Teachers do their best to not schedule trips on hot lunch days but sometimes it cannot be avoided. Your subscription to the hot lunch program remains an important contribution to the financial resources of the school.

What are the ingredients of the lunches?

  • You can find the list of ingredients along with all menus and dates at the Walden Online Store. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee that the food was not contaminated by unlisted allergens while it was in the restaurant kitchen.

How can I volunteer to help with hot lunch?

  • Help is always needed and it’s a lot of fun, plus you get to eat lunch with your child! Please visit the Parent Guild Group Page to sign up!

What if I have additional questions or want a copy of my hot lunch order?


Hot Lunch Menu, Date, and Ingredients

Click here for a printable PDF.


Come get some fun volunteer hours in with fellow parents as you deliver food and clean up after lunch. You'll also have a chance to eat with your child during lunch, which is an experience not to be missed!

Please sign up here. We look forward to seeing you there!

Hot Lunch Order Form

The 2019-2020 Hot Lunch window has officially closed. We thank you for your orders for this year. Should you have any questions regarding hot lunch, please email our Parent Guild.

If you have any questions about your current order status, please contact Ludia Chae-Zerrudo.

Holiday Gift Card Program

In celebration of all of the wonderful faculty and staff at Walden, the Parent Guild collects contributions to purchase holiday gift cards for equal distribution to every lead teacher, assistant teacher, specialty teacher, and staff member. 

The Parent Guild started this tradition so that families could combine their resources and say thank you to ALL of the special individuals who make Walden unique. Your participation in the Holiday Gift Card Program is greatly appreciated, but is in no way required or expected.

In lieu of direct individual gifts to teachers, we pool the contributions so that we can give each faculty and staff member an equal number of cards. Our goal is to give every staff and faculty member four $25 gift cards (they chose the stores that they like from a list provided to them). All gifts are anonymous, and contributions of any amount are welcome! If contributions exceed this goal, funds are allocated to other areas of faculty and staff appreciation throughout the year (brunches, luncheons, a party, etc).

If you wish to contribute to the program you can do so via the form below using a credit card. To pay by check, or to charge your contribution to your family’s Walden account, complete this form and turn it in to the front office.The deadline is Friday, December 13.

If you’d like to add a personal touch, please consider having your child make a card for any of the teachers or staff that they’d like to wish holiday cheer or show appreciation for.

Walden Gear

To purchase Walden Gear, please email Parent Guild or stop by the front office.