Big Help - Home Edition

May 2 and 3, 2020

Now is a wonderful time to give back to our local community, and the Big Help - Home Edition is a great way to show our gratitude and support.

Listed below are six ways to spread more joy in our world.  Pick one, two or more projects to work on the weekend of May 2 and 3, 2020. With the exception of the donation drive for Friends in Deed, these can all be done at your own time when and if it works for your family.

Please upload photos and videos of your completed projects through the upload box on the right, or send them to

If you are sharing pictures on your own social media accounts, please tag us using the hashtag #waldenBigHelp.

Click here for a downloadable PDF of the projects overview.

Thank you, and stay safe!

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Sing A Song for the Residents of Monte Vista Grove Homes

Bring a smile to the senior residents of Monte Vista Grove Homes by singing for them!

Sing four of the residents' names listed below in the Name Game song. Record yourself singing (acapella) and upload the video here or send it to We will create a video that we will share with Monte Vista through a private link (by submitting a video, you consent to sharing it with Monte Vista).

Please shoot your video indoors for the best sound and in horizontal orientation.

Example: Joan, Sidney, Daniel

Joan, Joan, bo-boan
Banana-fana fo-foan

Sidney, Sidney, bo-bidney
Banana-fana fo-fidney

Daniel, Daniel, bo-baniel
Banana-fana fo-faniel

Monte Vista Resident Names (pick any of the groupings below fr your recording):

  1. Linda
  2.  Allie
  3. Sydney
  4. Marilyn
  5. Carolyn
  6. Eddie
  7. Mary
  8. Donald
  9. Lillian
  10. Anita
  11. Kathie
  12. Francis
  13. Gloria
  14. Bob
  15. Lucille
  16. Marty
  17. Paul
  18. Mildred
  19. Janice
  20. Daniel
  21. Judy
  22. Barbara
  23. Peggy   
  24. Mr. “Coke”
  25. Christa
  26.  Patricia
  27. Joan
  28. Loretta
  29. Barbara
  30. Carol
  31. Millie


Make a donation to Friends in Deed

Help Friends in Deed provide much-needed support for homeless people in our community. Drop off donations at Walden by the side gate on Saturday, May 2, between 8:30 and 10:00 a.m., and we will deliver them to Friends in Deed.

The most-needed items are:

  • masks (homemade or store-bought)
  • shelf-stable foods, especially:
    • rice
    • cereal
    • dry pasta
    • canned corn
    • canned beans
    • green canned beans
    • fresh potatoes
    • fresh onions

Send a note of appreciation to Walden staff who are taking care of our campus

Let Walden staff members (Val, Hariani, and Meredith) who are still on campus to take care of our facilities and get our teachers paid know that you are thinking about them. Mail them a note to Walden or send an email to and we'll forward your message.

WRITE encouraging WORDs FOr your neighbors on the Sidewalk or PEACE STONES

Brighten the day for people in your neighborhood by creating an encouraging chalk message on the sidewalk for passersby to see, or paint rocks with kind words and place them around your neighborhood on your next family walk.

Create a GIFT OF gratitude for Your mail carrier and delivery people

Surprise and delight the people who bring you mail and deliveries with a gratitude gift. Create a note or poster of appreciation and place it near your mailbox with a gift of snacks, water, toilet paper, etc. in a basket.


Think about what you can do to help the environ-ment from home.

  • Water your plants, pick weeds.
  • Harvest seeds from fruits and replant them.
  • Learn about composting and practice in your own garden.
  • Turn off electronic devices when you don't need them.