Spring Sing 2021

Welcome to Walden School's Virtual Spring Sing!

The event will begin on May 7 at 6:00 p.m.

 You can move around the platform either by using your mouse (click & hold while moving around) or your keyboard arrow keys.
To view the event platform in full screen, please click on the three dots in the upper right corner upon entering the event.

Instructions for how to access the event:

  1. Click on the "play" button to launch the event.
  2. At 6:00 p.m., please click on the "Spring Sing Welcome and Introduction" image. 
    1. This will open up a new tab in your browser with the Zoom room for our virtual live event introduction. 
    2. When you enter the Zoom room, please type the name of your Walden student before your own name.
      1. The best user experience for Zoom is on a desktop or laptop computer. Here, you can access the event directly without needing to install the Zoom app by clicking on “Join from Your Browser.” If you will be joining us from a tablet or smartphone, you will need to install the Zoom app and set up an account prior to joining the event.
  3. After the virtual event introduction, we will transition to the individual performances. These are pre-recorded videos.
    1. Please go back to the tab with our virtual event platform.
    2. The video performances are arranged in order clockwise; please enjoy the recordings in the following order:
      1. Pre-Kindergarten Hawaiian Manta Rays, Hawaiian Honus, and Hawaiian Monk Seals
      2. K/1 Mountain Lions
      3. K/1 Burrowing Owls & Bottle Nose Dolphins
      4. K/1 Peacocks & Cottontails
      5. 2/3 Bald Eagles and Coyotes
      6. 2/3 California Black Bears and Red-Tailed Hawks
      7. 4/5 Island Foxes
      8. 4/5 North American River Otters
      9. 4/5 Bobcats and Gray Foxes
      10. 6th Grade Sonoran Bumblebees
    3. Click into the platform to find the thumbnail for the first pre-recorded performance.
    4. Click on the image.
      1. This will open up a new tab in your browser with the pre-recorded video.
    5. Once you finish watching the video, return to the platform to go to the next video.
      1. Repeat until you have watched the whole show.

Spring Sing ends when you finish watching the 6th grade performance. You may take a short intermission at any time because the whole show is available to you at your fingertips.

Please note that while the event site is active now, the links to the event introduction and the prerecorded performances will not be active until Friday, May 7, at 6:00 p.m. We encourage you to take a look to familiarize yourself with the navigation for ease of use during the event, and refresh the page at 6:00 p.m. on Friday.