(WE) Walden Equity

We teach children to value and respect diversity.

Walden School values, respects, and supports diversity. By diversity, we mean all the ways in which people may differ. In building an inclusive community, we strive to be mindful of race, national heritage, gender, religion, culture, family structure, sexual orientation, language, socioeconomic status, and abilities, among others.


Principles of diversity inform how Walden teaches an awareness of self and others to children from Pre-K to sixth grade. Through curricular activities, project based service learning, classroom morning meetings, student mentors, and mixed age classes we promote equity, empathy, compassion, and dialogue.


Walden School’s diverse faculty and student body reflects our commitment to honoring the uniqueness of every person and building an intentional community. Walden Equity (W.E.) is guided by the Board of Trustees, populated with parents. Each year the committee provides resources and hosts a variety of community building events such as the Family Photo Project and discussion groups, and works with the Parent Guild on parent education events.