Welcome to GOLD!

Walden’s Group on Learning Diversity (GOLD) is a parent-led support group that brings together parents of children with learning differences.

Guided by Walden’s Learning Specialist, GOLD meetings and events are designed to explore the value, challenges, and diversity of learning differences; to share resources; and to build a stronger community for all Walden students and families.

Whether you are at the beginning of your journey or well along the path of diagnosis and/or therapies, GOLD strives to provide a warm, welcoming and supportive space where we can share, listen and learn. Please join us at our topic-driven meetings and events throughout the year!


  • We are respectful of every different journey. Parents can share their journey in hopes that it might be helpful to another child and family.
  • This parent group is a circle of trust. Please respect the privacy of children and family with confidentiality. We can educate in very broad terms but specific details about individual cases MUST only be shared at the discretion of a parent.
  • Try to come to every meeting, especially in the beginning.
  • New members are always welcome!
  • Keep it constructive; do no harm.
  • We aim to educate and dispel misunderstandings and myths and support each other as we learn about learning differences ourselves.

2021-2022 Meeting Schedule

GOLD meetings are on Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m.

Fall 2021

October 27
November 17
December 8

Winter & Spring 2022
January 26
February 23
March 23
April 27
May 25
June 8

Look for the Zoom login information in the Walden Weekly.

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