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Purpose Statement

Group on Learning Diversity (GOLD) is a welcoming, parent-led group that brings together parents of children with learning differences for parent-to-parent support. Guided by Walden School’s Learning Specialist and in partnership with Walden Equity (formerly known as the Board of Trustees Diversity Committee), GOLD works with the Walden parent community to teach the value of and respect for the diversity of learning differences, share resources, and create a stronger community for all Walden students. In striving to achieve our goal, we aim to share and discuss information from experts through topic-driven meetings.


  • We are respectful of every child and every family's different journey. Parents can share their journey in hopes that it might be helpful to another child and family.
  • This parent group is a circle of trust. Respect the privacy of children and family with confidentiality. We can educate in very broad terms, but specific details about individual cases MUST only be shared at the discretion of a parent.
  • Try to come to every meeting, especially in the beginning. New members are always welcome.
  • Keep it positive and constructive. Do no harm.
  • Aim to educate and dispel misunderstandings and myths and support each other as we learn about learning differences ourselves.
  • Have fun along the way. Bring warmth and humor to our group!
  • The group is new- please bring patience and ideas as the group evolves.

2015-16 GOLD Meeting Schedule

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