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Walden Weekly - February 23, 2017

Dear Walden Families,

Happy 100th day of School! This morning while in a meeting, I had to stop a conversation that I had to notice something. It is a regular occurrence this time of year, but definitely one worth noting.

In the front office, we had two pre-k visitors, potential Walden students, returning to their parents from their visits in the classroom. They came back, laughing, skipping, and smiling and were excited to share about the hour that they had just spent with the students and teachers. They also didn't want to leave.

It still gives me pause to witness a three-year-old little person who was shy and tentative just an hour earlier, hold onto the leg of a teacher that they just met and say: "I want this to be my school." We see this sense of community building personified at Walden every day, and it's a great source of pride for us. It reminded me of Marian Wright Edelman, who said,

"Education is for improving the lives of others, and for leaving your community and the world better than you found it."

Reflecting on Edelman's quote reinforces the important work of nurturing each student's unique gifting and surrounding them with an empowering community. Indeed, education at Walden is fundamentally about improving lives. We strive to leave our community and the world better than how we found it. And together with you, our collective action can make a world of difference for generations to come. This spirit, this ethos, is what we mean when we introduce a new initiative called "We are Walden."

"We are Walden" captures the Walden Fund's vision of Encouraging Inquiry, Building Community, and Seeking Equity. Our hope is that every parent, teacher, and administrative staff will continue to collectively invest in our student's future by giving towards the empowering education programs and life-shaping experiences that have made Walden the school that it is today. We are excited to collaborate with you on this new initiative... Stay tuned! Be on the lookout for #wearewalden

Just a reminder that our Social-Emotional Learning partners will be on campus next Tuesday to work with faculty and host an informative evening for parents.

Hope to see you there!

Terra Toscano, Head of School
Walden School
626.792.6166 x 11
Tweet: @lifeatwalden

"Be true to your work, your word, your friend." ~ Henry David Thoreau

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