Class of 2020 Graduation

Virtual graduation speeches, a car parade with all Walden teachers cheering on the Class of 2020 (coined as a "Drive Thoreau Parade" by one 6th grade family and complete with a helium-free biodegradable balloon arch), and a last moment of appreciations and dancing on the South yard: the 2020 graduation has added a whole new chapter to the Walden story, and brought out the best in our community. The daring creativity, collaboration, perseverance, playfulness, and love and care for each other made a special day possible, and we are so happy and grateful to have honored and celebrated the amazing 18 members of the Class of 2020 in new and inventive ways under the Covid-19 restrictions. Axolotls, we are beaming with pride and joy at the forthright, resilient, capable, considerate, and gracious individuals you have become. As one teacher's car parade sign put it, "We won the Axolottery with you!" ❤️