Spring Sing 2022

In late March, the Walden community gathered for the annual Spring Spring at Farnsworth Park Amphitheater in Altadena. We were excited to bring the Walden community together for a special outdoor evening of song and dance! The Walden Pre-K to 6th grade classes presented "Rhythms of Spring," featuring songs that center on the natural world and exploring rhythm through a wide variety of dance moves and musical styles.

Each Walden student performed, either as a musician or as a dancer, in this show. From celebrating nature's and animals' rhythms to dancing with the spheres, the evening showcased the Walden mission by giving students a voice and platform to share their collaborative creativity. The 6th grade Stubby Squids rounded off the night with an epic indie rock performance to remember.

A huge thank you goes to Alejandro for creating a magical night of music with our students, and to Daphne and Trevor for creating such charming choreography and dance routines with the classes. Thank you also to the team of faculty and staff who coordinated and set up the event, and to everyone who attended and cheered with us in the Farnsworth Park Amphitheater, who welcomed us to their space and made this outdoor event possible.