Every Wednesday and Friday at 8:30 a.m., the entire Walden community gathers for assembly in the Toby Hayward Community Room.

The purpose of the assemblies is very simple, yet intentional and powerful. Our desire is for classes to collectively gather around one concept for 15 minutes to communicate ideas from one generation to another; it is a time for aspiration and inspiration. There are musical performances, storytelling, skits, serious talks, math presentations, class performances, and the welcoming of alumni and relatives. No detail about people, individuals, or the conduct of the school is considered unimportant. It truly defies description how many different things happen during those 15 minutes.

Another important key to the Walden assemblies is the experience of sitting (or participating) on the Community Room floor over time to build reflection, perspective, and experience. Anyone who speaks, presents, performs is modeling for the entire community. Ultimately, what we're looking for at the assembly is to highlight the best attributes of our community.

As Walden students enter the Community Room as an audience member and participant, we believe a number of important milestones are taking place:

  • The assembly experience is contributing to developing personal autonomy as well as seeing themselves as a member of a larger community.
  • Students are developing a heightened self-awareness and greater sensitivity to the needs of others.
  • Students are learning audience etiquette based on self-discipline and intrapersonal intelligence.
  • Students are generating an ethos that is calm, happy and purposeful.

We enjoy and want parents at our assembly. It's a community gathering. Be there, be present, soak up the experience, and help us nurture the often painful yet appreciated line that is raising an independent child and thinker. As a reminder, we are respectfully asking for parents in grades K-6 to gather in the kitchen area or to stand behind seated classes during our morning assemblies. 

Assemblies at Walden, for all of their spontaneity, classic performances, missteps, and tearful moments, will continue to draw dozens of parents. We are looking forward to seeing you there.