Community Spotlight

Annual Report 2019-2020

The Moy and Clark Family

Since the Moy and Clark family joined Walden in 2017, they have supported and led the way for Walden in many ways. When the pandemic uprooted our way of life, their generosity and unwavering commitment to Walden played a vital role in our pivot to remote learning.

Grandparents Dr. Carl and Linda Moy's generous support enabled Walden to design and open our Wonderlab, a new space on campus dedicated to introducing students to the mindsets of being a builder, maker, and design thinker. Generously matching the donations made toward this new addition to our program by the 2019 Walden Gala Raise a Hand donors, their support enabled us to outfit the Wonderlab as well as purchase new MacBook laptops for students and teachers. Thanks to this wonderful gift, each teacher was equipped with the technology needed to launch online learning and provide continuity in learning and program quality to all students.

Jaime Moy and Christopher Clark have been enriching our program through engaged volunteerism in the classroom and for Parent Guild events. Most recently, they took on the leadership of the hot lunch program, one of the Parent Guild's key fundraising initiatives. When Walden transitioned to remote learning, Jaime and Chris kept their commitment to providing nourishing meals to our students while raising funds for Walden and researched new ways to uphold the program, transforming it into a food service program that now offers monthly meal kit pick-ups from campus as well as fundraising nights sponsored by local restaurants.

Dr. Carl and Linda Moy


Our decision to donate to Walden comes from our love for our grandchildren and our desire to support their education. We believe that learning should not only include didactics, but that fostering curiosity, innovation, and team work are essential components to the learning process as well. The Walden Wonderlab is the perfect place to facilitate this learning and exploration. When we spend time with Max and Maddie in their classrooms and see the other Walden students share their stories, it is clear that Walden's mission is to provide the scaffolding necessary to grow children into intelligent, empathetic, and inquisitive adults. This is something that we need more of in our world today, and we are proud to take part in that.  



Jaime Moy and Christopher Clark

Our family started our Walden journey four years ago. When Max, our oldest child, started Kindergarten in Mr. Joe and Ms. Nathalie's class, we were a bit overwhelmed and unsure where we would fit in as a new family. Through the Parent Guild, we learned about the many volunteering opportunities at Walden and we just dove in head first. We nearly fulfilled our volunteer hours that year with the Halloween committee alone! But with all those volunteer hours came such joy. Seeing the engagement and dedication from the other parents, getting to meet so many families, and witnessing the sheer delight and anticipation in the kids had us hooked. We loved this special way to deepen our school experience and solidify our connection to the Walden community. Every opportunity to spend time on campus, whether chaperoning a field trip, reading with the students, sharing a cultural tradition with the class, or working a hot lunch shift, enabled us to be a part of our children's school experience. We were able to see their learning in action and develop a deep appreciation for their incredible teachers. Our children loved seeing us on campus, and we were able to model to them things that we value, like giving back to our community.  Walden has been such an amazing place for Max and Maddie to grow. Volunteering is one way that we are able to show Walden our family's gratitude and appreciation.