Class of 2021

Annual Report 2020-2021

For the 2021 graduation, the Sonoran Bumblebees and their families and teachers came together for a beautiful outdoor ceremony that brought record temperatures, rain, thunder, happy tears, and big smiles to our South yard!
As their lead teacher, Ella Moran, remarked in her speech⁠—like actual bumblebees, this class, individually and collectively, defied the gravity of this year. They stayed curious about the world and unleashed their creativity and senses of humor, spreading joy to those around them. Like actual bumblebees, they proved themselves to be multidimensional, reflective experts at pivoting.  

Through a live stream, the whole community was able to take part in their stories of perseverance, connection, and curiosity, as well as delightful musical performances and the festive diploma procession. We are so proud of this wonderful group of humans and look forward to keeping in touch.

Below are excerpts from each student's graduation speech.