Stacie Chambers

Since joining Walden in 2015, Stacie Chambers has worn many hats as volunteer extraordinaire. Currently the Parent Guild co-chair, she enjoys the friendships she has formed through volunteering and giving back to Walden with her time and talents.

If you have attended any Walden events or Parent Guild activities in recent years, chances are that Stacie Chambers has been instrumental in creating a beautiful and engaging experience for you and fellow Walden community members.

Stacie, her husband Clark, and daughter Caitlin ’22 first joined Walden in the fall of 2015 as a new Kindergarten family. Straight away, Stacie became involved as a parent volunteer. Serving as room parent for Caitlin’s K/1 class gave her the opportunity to get to know the teachers and staff as well as many parents, and helped her learn about school events.

One can almost say, ‘the rest is history.’ From here on out, Stacie has filled many roles and enriched the life of our school and community in multiple capacities. She has enjoyed the fun and camaraderie of being a hot lunch volunteer (with the extra bonus of getting to eat lunch with Caitlin’s class), and creating a warm welcome for campus visitors, from prospective families to grandparents, in the role of hospitality committee chair. As a member of the online auction committee, she has facilitated outreach to local businesses and procured items that have resulted in stellar fundraising successes for Walden. Currently, she is in her second year as Parent Guild co-chair. This leadership role focuses on fundraising and community events, as well as on encouraging other parents to get involved, thus making an invaluable contribution to Walden.

When asked what she likes best about being associated with Walden, Stacie reflects that her child spends a big part of her life at school. “I appreciate that I have the opportunity to play a role in making it a great place for her to be.” She recounts numerous nice memories from accompanying Caitlin’s class on field trips such as the annual K/1 favorite to Underwood Farms, and seeing events come to life as a result of the collaborative – and fun! - work of Walden parents, like the amazing handmade custom décor for the 80’s-themed gala.

Outside of Walden, Stacie loves going on urban adventures with her family and volunteering for Caitlin’s Girl Scouts troop. Professionally, she splits her time between being a compliance operations specialist for a healthcare start-up and doing medical billing for a Walden parent’s psychology practice. A surprising fun fact about Stacie is that she not only holds a bachelor’s in cello performance, but also has a history as a contestant in a number of TV game shows!

As another highlight of her family’s Walden experience, Stacie cites the close friends they made and the wonderful community they have joined. She is motivated to stay involved because of “the other great parents and the awesome things they do for the school.” Her message to other parents who are considering volunteer for Walden is, “It's so rewarding to be a part of a great community and you will definitely come away with new friends. Try some different things so you find a role that fits you and is fun.”