Donor and Volunteer Profiles

Tara Holmes, Walden Alumna and 2016-2018 Parent Guild Coordinator

Looking back at my very early years at Walden, when I was a student in first and second grade, I remember the caring teachers, parents, and students who helped teach me to live in a community. They taught me to respect friends who had different views, temper frustrations in life, appreciate nature, acknowledge learning differences, and value the various strengths that we all bring to the table.  

Today, as a parent at Walden, my children (Logan & Braeden) and I are reminded of those same important elements; which apply to them as early learners and to me as a life-long learner. In fact, it’s quite amazing how these simple important values feel as relevant now as they did when I was small (possibly more-so).

In the years after my time as a student at Walden, I’ve worked in a variety of capacities: Medical Administrator, Forest-fire Fighter, Geologist/Environmental Consultant, Operations Manager, Business Owner, and Mom.

It was coming back to Walden in this latter role that really made me value the lessons I learned as a child. Lessons of kindness, and of giving, flexibility, and understanding. I see my children learning these lessons as they navigate their years here and I’m so thankful.  A few short days after my daughter started her first year I remember feeling overwhelmed by the feeling that we were “Home.”  That we were loved, valued, and appreciated each for who we were, and I feel the same today.

Serving as the Parent Guild Coordinator for the past two years at Walden has been a wonderful experience. I truly believe that Walden is an amazing place worth caring for and preserving for future generations, and I am happy to be a small part of the many people who work hard to help it grow and stay true to it’s roots so that those who come after us can feel at home too.

The Antos Family

We really don't think of ourselves as significant donors. We donate a little every month because we can't always afford one big donation at the end of the year. We also thought that in the absence of large monetary donations, we balanced it out with a lot of volunteering. Of course we volunteer to be present for Joe but we also want to be present for our community. A community that has always been so welcoming, so generous, so truly lovely. To us, these modest donations of money and time didn't feel like something to be celebrated. But it is easy to overlook how powerful small, consistent support can be for a charitable organization, like Walden.

We donate because we know it is important to give back to Walden in any way we can. I'm not sure we can ever repay the debt we owe to Walden for giving us what we received here - lifelong friendships for our son and ourselves, the unearthing of this amazing kid who is not only joyous and empathetic but legit excited to come to school every day, and family - we found family here.