Volunteer Hours

Volunteering at Walden School can take on many forms where each parent's skills and interests are utilized. You can start by volunteering for an existing task through your child's classroom or the Parent Guild.

As you learn more about our community and our needs, you might offer a unique gift of your time and talent.

Some volunteer activities happen outside of school hours and can be done from home. Some involve short-term projects, such as stuffing envelopes or hosting a dinner. Walden appreciates help from our parents' diverse skills and expertise.

Talk to teachers, administrators, and other families to find out what is needed and how your particular talents can best support the school.

Volunteer Hours

As part of the contractual agreement, all Walden families agree to volunteer at least fifteen (15) hours per enrolled child per school year. Any of the minimum 15 hours not completed and reported by the last day of school in June will be billed by the Business Office at $50 per hour.

The Business Office maintains and tracks the reported hours and will send updates and reminders twice a year. Please contact the Business Office with any questions regarding your volunteer hours.